How to Succeed with Penalty Shots in FIFA21

Aug. 19, 2021 Tips & tricks

No matter what mode you’re playing in FIFA 21, being able to nail a penalty shot is an essential skill. Whether it’s spot kicks or shootout penalties, being able to hit the net from 12 yards away can make or break a game.

Many dedicated FIFA players have trouble with this part of the game, but don’t worry - there are a few key strategies that can help you nail the penalty shot every time.

Make Sure Your Controller Works

This might seem like a small thing, but having a fully functional controller is one of the key things that can determine a successful penalty shot. Keeping the target perfectly still is key to most methods, and that can be very difficult if you’re contending with joystick drift or a spotty connection.

Aim Carefully

Being able to predict where your ball is headed is important for landing any shot, and it’s even more important with penalty shots. According to a tip video made by YouTube gamer NFG Cosmin, one of the best spots on the net to aim for is the top right corner. In general, aiming for the top of the net can help you ensure that you make your shot.

Take Your Shot

Once you’ve checked your controller and lined yourself up for victory, it’s time to take the shot. According to NFG Cosmin, a chip shot (L1 + Circle on Playstation or LB + B on Xbox) is one of the best methods for making a penalty shot - a short, sharp kick with no more than one power bar behind it. Time your finish carefully, and press the shot button again just as your player takes strides up to the ball. Ideally, your target will turn green and you’ll nail your penalty shot.

Battling the Glitch

This method works because it preys on a glitch within FIFA 21 (though the methods described above will still greatly improve your chances of making a penalty shot even if the glitch is patched in future updates.) If you’re concerned that an opponent is trying to use this glitch against you, there is a way to defend against it in cooperative or online play.

The first thing to look for is which way the opposing player’s head is moving. The penalty-taking player is always going to move their head in the direction that they intend to aim their shot. Keep a special eye on their intentions towards the right side of the net - remember that the top right corner is the best spot to aim for a surefire penalty kick.

While they aim, move your goalkeeper as far to the side that your opponent is aiming as possible. When they take their penalty, have your goalkeeper dive. This should hopefully prevent the glitch from ensuring that their shot is successful.

And there you have it! These are currently the best strategies for making penalty shots in FIFA 21. We hope you add these tools to your arsenal and take your team to the next level!

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